Cheapest Countries for Investment in 2023

 Cheapest Countries for Investment in 2023

There are countries where you can invest with very small amounts, perhaps less than ten thousand dollars, and they have very encouraging investment laws that welcome everyone without discrimination. However, these countries are extremely poor, their people do not have much money, and their purchasing power is very low. In addition, these countries suffer from high levels of government corruption and a causelack of supportive infrastructure, among other obstacles and causes that make them less favorable investment destinations.

Therefore, if you are thinking of investing abroad and looking for the cheapest investment destinations, you should search for countries where your investment can be profitable. Rather, you should search for the best and cheapest countries for investment, not just the cheapest.

To help this large group of people looking for the best and cheapest investment destinations, we have prepared this guide, in which we review the best and cheapest countries for investment around the world, where successful investments can be started with relatively small amounts of capital. So, follow us if you are interested in the matter.

Georgia, the best and cheapest country for investment

Georgia, which sits between Asia and Europe, attracts a large number of investors due to its strategic location. The government supports and encourages foreign investment, making it the best country on our list.

The government exempts all citizens from customs duties, making it one of the largest global markets. All countries target Georgia to showcase their products at competitive prices.

Additionally, taxes in Georgia are the most fair in the world, and the prices of consumer products and goods are cheap, making the cost of living affordable.

You will find that Georgia is a fertile country in all fields, with investment in manufacturing, foreign trade, logistics services, and the fields of services, engineering, and design all yielding satisfactory profits for investors.


also known as the Black Mountain, is considered one of the best and cheapest countries for investment. It is located in Southeast Europe, and what distinguishes its law is that it treats foreign investors just like citizens.

The tax system in this country is one of the best in Europe, in addition to the abundance of skilled and competent workers.

Montenegro also boasts political and economic stability, making it very suitable for investment, especially for those who aim to start a small investment in Europe.

One of the best investment opportunities in Montenegro is real estate, as property prices there are very affordable compared to many other countries.

It is worth noting that the country offers citizenship to investors who invest 250,000 euros in any of the development projects approved by the state.

Malta is one of the cheapest countries to invest in due to the many facilitations that allow investors to obtain residency for the necessary period of investment.

By simply providing a financial contribution of only €30,000 to the government, an investor can obtain a residency permit in Malta and start investing.

The real estate market in Malta is known for its reasonable prices, allowing investors to own property with a small amount of money and then rent it out or resell it for profit.

However, if you aim to obtain citizenship, the value of real estate investments should not be less than €270,000.

Investing in the maritime shipping industry is one of the best investment opportunities in Malta, thanks to its excellent location and numerous outstanding seaports.

Some investors also prefer to invest in both the tourism and commercial sectors, while the fishing and aquaculture industries achieve highly profitable returns.


is a country located in South America that enjoys a low cost of living. This is because rental prices are affordable, and the government provides its residents with all the necessary living essentials.

Additionally, the country is blessed with diverse natural and geographic features, which allow investors to invest in various fields.

Moreover, the workforce in Colombia is known for their exceptional skills in various fields, which is attributed to the high level of education and culture.

Investment opportunities in manufacturing, cosmetics trade, mining, coffee farming, processing, and exportation of high-quality coffee, known for its taste and quality around the world, are also available in Colombia.


ranks high on the list of the best and cheapest countries for investment. This is because you can invest in it starting from €100,000, and the country grants passport holders the right to enter 187 countries without the need for a visa.

The country always strives to provide various investment opportunities to attract the largest number of investors. Portugal aims to target a large number of investors in the real estate sector.

The country provides free healthcare and education for residents who hold the right to reside in it. Additionally, there are not many conditions required for investment in Portugal.


is one of the cheapest countries to invest in, as it has enjoyed stable economic and political climates recently, which has helped reduce the cost of living for its residents. The country boasts a diverse range of fertile investment fields, and investing in real estate with amounts starting from just 300,000 euros gives the investor the right to reside in Greece.

As the country is strategically located between three continents, investing in import, export, and international shipping is very profitable, so most investors target this field in particular.


Investing in Dominica has many advantages, the most important of which is the low cost. By investing in a real estate project worth $200,000 USD, you are on your way to obtaining its citizenship.

Moreover, investors in Dominica receive many facilitations that greatly assist in the construction or start-up phase of their investment.

The country also allows full ownership of all types of real estate investments, and the investor does not need any partner from its citizens to start working there.

Not only is real estate investment prominent there, but also investment in the agricultural sector. The country is famous for growing bananas, cacti, and a variety of flowers.

The labor force in the agricultural sectors in Dominica is skilled and experienced, and agriculture achieves excellent profits for investors.

Saint Lucia

There is a country called Saint Lucia which is known for its beautiful warm beaches throughout most of the year. This country also facilitates the procedures for anyone who wants to start investing in it.

Furthermore, the country does not impose any taxes on international income of investors, and it offers its nationality to those who invest in real estate worth $200,000 US dollars.

One of the most attractive sectors for investment in Saint Lucia is the tourism sector because the country has excellent volcanic and coral beaches. This leads to a large number of tourists from all over the world, making tourism investment extremely profitable.

It is worth noting that the country offers the opportunity to obtain its distinguished passport in exchange for a donation of $100,000 US dollars per person to the government.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

It is one of the cheapest countries to invest in and it has a stable economy that is very suitable for investment. This country is famous for having multiple institutions specializing in medical education.

Among the sectors that can be invested in in this country are financial services, information technology, agriculture, industry, and tourism.

Because the country's currency is linked to the US dollar, it is one of the most stable currencies, namely the Eastern Caribbean dollar.

The workforce in the country is skilled, as the level of education is high, and this is reflected in the experience and strength of the workforce in the country.

Investment can be started with the aim of obtaining the country's nationality for only $125,000 US dollars, and the country grants holders of its passport the right to enter 150 countries around the world without a visa.

The country is also characterized by low living costs, and it does not require many conditions for investment, as it only requires good health and a clean criminal record for the investor.


is one of the best and cheapest countries for investment. Holders of Vanuatu passports can easily enter all countries in the world, and the country enables investors to access global markets through international agreements. Because the country is a collection of volcanic islands, it is one of the best countries for tourism investment in the world.

In addition, fishing has attracted a large number of investors in the past, as the location of the country in the South Pacific provides excellent types of fish. Due to the excellent climate, abundant water, and rainfall in Vanuatu, investment in agriculture is also very suitable for investors.

The country's infrastructure is strong, and the level of education is suitable for investors to rely on the workforce, which does not cost much in terms of salaries. The country provides a lot of exemptions and discounts on healthcare and education for investors, making it one of the cheapest countries for investment.


In this article, we have reviewed the best and cheapest countries for investment, which do not require exorbitant amounts to invest in them, and at the same time are highly distinguished countries at various levels that lead to the success of investments.


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