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1. Introduction

Technology is defined as "the study of tools, processes, and methods used in various branches of industry" by the Larus Dictionary as "a set of methodological processes based on scientific knowledge used in production". By little Robert.


2. What is PPE Tech?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) referred to in this document is for protective clothing, gloves, face shields, goggles, face masks and/or respirators, or other equipment designed to protect the wearer from infection, the spread of infection, or disease.


3. How does PPE Tech work?

Since there are different types of occupational hazards, PPE is classified into three categories depending on the severity of the hazard:


Category 1: Against low-risk and surface injuries, this may involve minor shocks or vibrations that do not cause irreversible damage to the body. Work gloves fall into this category of minor hazards.


Category 2: Against moderate risk and severe injury. On the contrary, these injuries can affect vital parts of the body and therefore some health damage. This category includes cut protection gloves for example.


Category 3: Against serious risks, irreversible injuries, and lethal risks.


These situations can lead to death, such as falling from heights during construction work. For example, the seatbelt meant to be worn on scaffolding is Category 3 PPE.


4. How to measure PPE performance?

In addition to the media bulletin, the performance of PPE can be verified by its CE tags. In fact, this complies with the standard. European standards are set to test performance requirements for PPE before being put on the market. Depending on the results, different performance levels are attributable to some PPE. Of course, these levels should be taken into account when choosing PPE, depending on the risks to the worker. However, the level of performance should not be confused with the level of protection. In fact, all conditions of employment in the case of employment are not necessarily met in the context of the test and; Not necessarily equivalent to protection time.


5. Conclusion

Part of the new normal will be the intensive integration of technology into PPE and current safety programs. The good news is that this technology is becoming increasingly more cost-effective with the capability to protect more people in deeper and more complex ways. Like much of the safety industry, the strength of PPET is rooted in the fact that workers stay more connected than they might end up saving their lives in the end.


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